My Life as a Yogi

I reflect upon my twenty years of practicing Yoga and how it has benefitted me.
Physical Health: Yoga has kept me in optimal physical shape, despite the sogrens I was diagnosed with a decade ago. With perseverance and mindfulness, i have been able to successfully manage medical issues which crop-up, less frequently than in the past. Actually, my health is better today than it was at 63. I gage this according to the level of pain and discomfort experienced, which is now minimal, if any.
Mental Health: Yoga has trained me to be mindful, and cognizant. Each day, I grow more aware of my unconscious attitudes and impulsive behaviors, my perceptions and misperceptions. I’ve learned how to transform negative energies into positive, constructive ones to achieve my heartfelt goals. I have even learned to laugh at my reactionary behavior because I can now see through them.
Emotional Health: Yoga keeps me balanced by feeling consistently upbeat, grateful and joyous. I have learned to be accepting of myself and non-judgmental of others. If I feel a negative mood overcoming me, I can consciously divert my attention to something positive and focus on that which gives me joy, rather than fall into a depression.
Thanks to Yoga Nidra, I have learned to still the mind in order to sensitize myself to any deep-seated tensions which I can now release at will.
Spiritual Health: I grow increasingly competent to interpret life’s symbols which deepen experience and add meaning to life.

I was not born into a yoga tradition. My parents escaped Hungary in ’47 to escape from social, political and religious restraints. They yearned for the freedom that America promised; and it was they who provided me with the freedom to perceive and pursue a life so different than they could ever imagine.

Now, all my family members, including son and daughters-in-law, and grandchildren, are familiar with Yoga. My daughter is a practicing Yogi; and it is my singular hope that at least one of the grandchildren will follow in this vein, for this is the culture and lifestyle that bind us together.

My accomplishments are meagre. I cannot execute fancy asanas or chant in Sanskrit. However, my particular lineage consists of the Buddhist tradition of serenity and harmony and the incredible Hindu mythologies that through symbolic interpretation increase our understanding of life.

I acknowledge my Gurus Sri Kamini Desai and her father Sri Amrit Desai and their lineage. I give special thanks to Bikram Choudhury and his lineage. Both lineages stem from the thousands of years of Yogic tradition.

As I contemplate my existence, I could not have made a better choice. 

I’m a Yogi

Not having been born into the yogic tradition, I live it in earnest, and teach it–to the best of my ability. Much of what I have learned is through training and reading. Most of what I have learned is experiential. There’s no better teacher than experience itself. This is what the Buddha discovered during his lifetime. In essence, The benefits of yoga has given me are priceless: the quality of life: health, happiness, confidence, longevity strength of mind and body are just the surface effects of Yoga.

The spiritual aspect is fathomless… 

It’s never too late, you are never too old, or too sick to start — As long as you have the right attitude and determination, you can reap the benefits of a Yoga lifestyle. 

Carmen Karady

A basic understanding of the
gross and subtle levels
of our existence


The first Dimension of Being is expressed in form, the Physical Body, as experienced through senses.
The Physical Body includes everything that makes up our physical existence., i.e., flesh and bones, viscera and outward physical appearance.


The study and practice of Energy, referred to as “Energetics,” is comprised of the mechanism of breathing and the efficient dispersion of energy.
Being and Breathing are One.


is cognition, our ability to function in the gross world, which we call reality. The mind conjures thoughts, and thoughts engender emotions. If our mind is undisciplined, our thoughts and emotions run askew, which can then negatively affect our health.


The Fourth Dimension of Being
is consciousness. In yogic terms, we call this dimension the “Third Eye” It sees what the other two eyes cannot: insight and introspection, foresight and imagination. At this level, symbolic language is automatic. The Third Eye contains the Control and Command Centers; it overrides the cognitive functions of thinking, rationalizing and doing.


The Fifth Level of Being is the highest level of consciousness. This is the Domain of “Divine” Consciousness, and it’s comprised of unconditional love, (understanding, forgiveness, compassion, generosity). At this level, there is no lack, no fear or jealousy, envy or desire. We are at peace with ourselves and others.

These 5 Dimensions of Consciousness: physical, energetic, mental, wisdom and Bliss, are perceived as independent bodies that work symbiotically to create a (w)holistic approach to our Being–from the gross (material) to the subtle (invisible), the physical to spiritual.
Each Body—Physical, Energetic, Mental, Wisdom & Bliss Bodyis equally vital to our spiritual development. In yogic terms, we refer to these dimensions of Being as the 5 Koshas.


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